Design for Manufacturing (DFM) also known as Design for Manufacturability, is a design practice that focuses on the producibility and manufacturing process of a product. It allows potential problems to be fixed as well as an analysis of each component of the design where costs can be reduced. Several factors can affect the cost and manufacturability such as type of raw material, the dimensional tolerances and secondary processing such as finishing.
Save Time and Money

Our many years of expertise enable us to offer our customers ways to optimize their designs saving them time and money.

As part of the DFM process, we analyze your design for:

  • Material Type – Help you determine what materials offer the best machine ability vs cost for your application.
  • Material Form – The size and shape of the component may determine which form of material must be used.
  • Dimensional Tolerances – Analyze the geometric tolerances for each feature and higher lever assembly to determine if any cost saving can be realized with tolerance adjustment. Don’t pay for precision where you may not need it.
  • Design and Shape – Machining is a subtractive process, the time to remove the material is a major factor in determining the machining cost. The volume and shape of the material to be removed as well as how fast the tools can be fed will determine the machining time.
Industries We Serve
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Defense electronics
  • Defense armament
  • Communications
  • Deep sea enclosures
  • Space components
  • Hermetic enclosures
  • High vacuum enclosures
  • Cryogenic components
  • Nano technologies
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